Drape Molds, Forms

GR Pottery Form - Christmas Tree, 10x8"

GR Pottery Form - Christmas Tree, 10x8" 10x8" Christmas Tree. Use to create a christmas tree sh..

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Drape Molds, Forms

Budget-friendly and lightweight drape molds made from wood fibre used to create three-dimensional pottery pieces out of clay slabs. Clay & Pottery Supplies offers GR Pottery Forms wide selection of clay pottery molds including round forms, square forms, rectangular forms, hexagonal forms, oval forms, triangular forms, plaque forms, and stackable form sets. Many drape molds and forms come available in standard 3/4-inch depth and in a new 1/2-inch "slim" depth for producing swallower dinnerware. Potters who enjoy hand-building or working with clay slabs can quickly make plates, platters, bowls and dishes in repeating and complementary sizes. To use pottery drape molds and forms, the potter starts by rolling out a flat piece of clay and draping it over the mold or form, pressing it into the contours of the mold to create the desired shape. 



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